Valor Mold Interview on WTTG Fox 5

Valor Mold Interview on WTTG Fox 5

Wet Summer Creates Mold Problems!

Wet Summer Creates Mold Problems!
Wet Summer Creates Mold Problems!

Recently, Bob Barnard of WTTG Fox 5, interviewed our President, David Myrick.

Because of all rains this summer, mold is becoming a problem. In this interview David explains why this wet summer is causing mold problems.

As David states, when you see mold growing this is just the tip of the iceberg, meaning you are likely not seeing what is growing behind walls.

In fact, the mold you see on the outside of the wall is usually 3 or 4 times worse on the inside of the wall.

This poses a problem, particularly if you decide to tackle the problem yourself. When you tear open the wall cavity, you will likely find a large amount of mold growing and this is why it can be overwhelming and cause more problems for you.

In this video, the mold in this home began growing because water came in through the foundation wall. When this happened, the drywall and insulation on the inside of the wall got saturated with water which eventually led to the growth of mold.

Three Actions To Avoid Mold Caused By Heavy Rains!

Three Actions To Avoid Mold Caused By Heavy Rains!
Three Actions To Avoid Mold Caused By Heavy Rains!

The excess rain and the fact that the gutter downspouts were not pushing water away from the house is the primary reason that water came in through the foundation wall.

To avoid this, David recommends the following:

  1. Clean the gutters.
  2. Make sure the gutter downspouts empty at least 10 feet into the yard.
  3. Make sure the grading of the house is positive meaning the water flows away from the house.

This will prevent many issues that could cause flooding in your home.

David also recommends that if you have a sump pump system that you replace it every 5 years.

In addition, if you have a basement drain system, ie. from a walkout basement make sure the drain is clear at the bottom of the stairs. Valor Mold has removed mold from many homes that flooded simply because the drains were not clear at the bottom of the stairs and the accumulation of water caused flooding in the home.

Removing The Mold!

To deal with this mold issue, Valor Mold will not be treating it with chemicals, ie. spraying drywall because this is ineffective and does not adhere to mold removal standards set by the IICRC S520 Standard.

In this case, Valor Mold will follow proper mold removal protocol we explained in a previous blog.

With respect to cost, this job will cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 which largely depends on how much area is affected and how much cleaning is required.

Watch The Interview With David Myrick

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Got Mold Questions?

Got Mold Questions?
Got Mold Questions?
Valor Mold is here to help! If you suspect that you have mold, call 703-897-7121 or contact us via e-mail. Peace of mind, just a phone call away. We look forward to serving you! 🙂

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