Valor Mold on WTOP radio

Valor Mold on WTOP radio

Listen To David Myrick Being Interviewed On The Radio

Listen To David Myrick Being Interviewed On The Radio
Listen To David Myrick Being Interviewed On The Radio

Recently, Kristi King of WTOP radio, serving the metro DC area, interviewed our President, David Myrick, on how to detect and prevent mold in your home.

We have written extensively on what causes mold. If your sump pump fails or a pipe bursts, David offers these tips to minimize the cost and potential damage from mold.

During the radio interview David made some key recommendations to prevent mold if your sump pump fails or a pipe bursts:

  1. If your carpet gets wet, the most important action you must take is to remove all the padding underneath the carpet. If the padding is removed, you can dry out the carpet.
  2. If the water enters the home through windows or doors, then it is best to contact a professional water mitigation specialist.
  3. If you have a sewage back up, then you need to be really careful because the water is considered “category three” also referred to as “black water” in the water-damage industry. This water is a problem because it is full of bacteria, pesticides, and feces. This can impact your health and make you sick.
  4. Carpeting or drywall soaked with black water should be removed.
  5. Eradicating moisture is the key to preventing mold. If you suspect that mold may be growing in your home, which could cause sickness, then you should contact an independent, third party mold testing company to determine the extent of the mold contamination.

Radio Interview

Category 3 Water and Sump Pump Failure

Mold Recommendations and Tips

Got Mold Questions?

Valor Mold is here to help! If you suspect that you have mold, call or text us, 571-210-2040 or contact us via e-mail. Peace of mind, just a phone call away. We look forward to serving you! 🙂

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