What Is Soda Blasting In Arlington, VA?

What Is Soda Blasting In Arlington, VA?

What Is Soda Blasting In Arlington, Va?

How Soda Blasting Can Rid
Your Home Of Mold

At Valor Mold, we are on a mission to warn the people of Arlington, VA how horrible large-scale mold issues can be, and what soda blasting can do about it.

We have taken the time to compile a sort of “Mold 101” info center for those interested in learning more about the damage that mold can do in your home or office in the Northern VA, Southern MD, and Washington, DC area. Mold isn’t something that your body can just “get used to.”

Mold is harmful to children and growing babies. It is dangerous for your respiratory system and can infect other parts of your body. And it is not easy for the average person to get rid of. Wiping down with bleach is not the answer!)

At one time, the only way to remediate mold was to use wire brushes or sandblasting. Both of these methods can be dangerous for a couple of reasons. One, they might spread mold spores, and two, they can damage the material underneath the mold, such as paint on a wall or wood grain.

That’s where soda blasting comes in.

What Is Soda Blasting?

Soda blasting is a process that uses sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, to clean surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. It is an alternative to other, more abrasive methods.

It works by propelling the sodium bicarbonate particles at high speed against the surface being cleaned. This abrasive action removes mold without damaging the material below.

Soda blasting has many applications, including automotive restoration, graffiti removal, and masonry cleaning. It is also used to clean delicate machinery, like turbine blades in jet engines.

Here at Valor Mold, we use soda blasting to remove mold from surfaces without causing damage to them.

Soda blasting is a fast and effective way to clean large-scale surfaces. The process does not produce heat, making it ideal for cleaning delicate materials like paint or wood without damaging them.

Soda blasting can also be used on masonry, metal surfaces, and other delicate machinery and materials.

Benefits Of Using Soda Blasting In Northern VA,
Southern MD, And Washington, DC Homes

Soda blasting is an excellent option for cleaning delicate surfaces in Arlington, VA homes. It offers many advantages compared to other abrasive blasting methods, such as sandblasting and dry ice blasting. Some of the benefits of soda blasting include:

  • Friendly To The Environment: Soda blasting does not produce any hazardous materials or chemicals, making it an eco-friendly option for cleaning.
  • Fast and Effective: Soda blasting is much faster than other cleaning methods, making it an efficient and cost-effective choice for large-scale mold remediation.
  • No Heat Damage: Since the process does not produce heat, the cleaned surfaces are not damaged. This makes soda blasting ideal for cleaning delicate materials like paint or wood without damaging them.
  • Versatile Applications: Soda blasting can be used on masonry, metal surfaces, and other delicate machinery.
  • Non-toxic: As the process does not produce any hazardous materials or chemical byproducts, it is a safe option for cleaning delicate areas. Unlike other methods, soda blasting is safe for homeowners and technicians, as well as pets and plants.

Valor Mold Can Handle All Your Mold
Problems In Arlington, VA
With Soda Blasting

Valor Mold can help you address mold problems in your Arlington, VA home or business with our soda blasting services.
Our experienced team is trained to use this effective and eco-friendly cleaning method to safely remove mold and mildew without damaging the surface below.

We understand the importance of removing mold and mildew thoroughly and quickly, so we prioritize customer satisfaction and safety.
By using soda blasting, we can help you keep your property safe and healthy. Call us today at (703) 897-7121 for a free quote on mold removal.