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What Makes Our DC Area Mold Technicians The Best In The Business

Integrity And Thoroughness Are Just The Start

It would be easy to say that our mold technicians are the best in the Virginia and DC area because of superior training, but that would only be part of the truth.
Successful mold remediation requires the right mindset and drive to work the job until it’s finished, even when things aren’t going your way. They need to focus more on completing the task than just finishing the job.
Education is part of that, and we give our techs more training than any other company in the area, but knowledge isn’t any good if you don’t have the will to see the job through.

It Starts With Hiring The Right People

There’s a type of person who’s best suited for the life of a mold technician. They’re curious, driven, and willing to work hard to get the job done.
We look for those qualities in every applicant we interview. We hire only those we believe will consider mold remediation as a daily challenge they intend to win. They also must have the personality needed to make our customers feel comfortable with them in their homes.
We consider sticktoitiveness and friendliness the two most essential factors in every technician’s personality.

Formal Mold Remediation Training

We send every mold technician to formal mold remediation supervisor training to ensure that every member of each crew we send into local homes has been formally trained.
Most remediation companies have their technicians riding on the owner’s credentials instead of earning those credentials themselves. But who do you want working in your home? Someone who just does what the boss tells them? Or someone who has been educated and knows the “why” behind the tasks?
Our customers spend a lot of money to get their homes free of high mold spore concentrations, and they deserve only the best technicians available – so that’s what we provide.

Our Mold Technicians Refuse To Accept Half Measures

As we stated above, mold remediation isn’t an inexpensive process, and some homeowners simply can’t afford the full effort we put into our work. To accommodate a smaller budget, we will occasionally agree to do a “best efforts” cleaning rather than cleaning every nook and cranny of every square inch..
The problem is that our techs don’t know how to do half measures. We’ll show up to check on a job and discover that they’ve gone way beyond what the contract stated because they’re hard wired to be thorough.
Or, in other cases, a job slated for two days will end up taking three because our techs felt 2 days wasn’t enough time to get the level of clean they expect of themselves.
While these decisions may eat some of our profits, we can’t get mad at our techs because they are simply following their personal creed of never doing a job halfway, especially since they know exactly what mold can do to the health of a family.
After all, how can you complain about too much integrity?

Near-Zero Turnover

Another difference between Valor techs and the workers at other companies is that we have near-zero turnover. That’s not to say that nobody has ever left the company, but every person who has left ended up coming back.
Because after learning the right way to do things, they just can’t stomach returning to the bad habits of the rest of the mold industry. Suddenly, that greener grass doesn’t look as good when they have to deal with the new company’s toxic culture  or all the shoddy workmanship they have to swallow.
Plus, they know what proper containment and personal protection look like, and both are a rare find in most mold remediation companies.
When you are supported, trained thoroughly, and trusted, it’s hard to consider working for anyone else.
And that’s the way we like it.
If you are concerned about mold in your Virginia or DC area home and want the best techs in the business to service your home, contact Valor Mold Removal for a free estimate.

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