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The #1 Quality To Look For In A Washington DC Mold Remediator (It’s Not What You Think)

If A Mold Removal Company Possesses This One Quality, EVERYTHING Else Will Fall Into Place.

Top Quality In A Mold Remediator

Pop quiz: Do you know THE most essential thing you can look for in a quality mold remediator in Washington DC?

It’s not certification. Certification is critical, but it’s not THE most critical.

It’s not price. Naturally, you want the most value for your money. But there is something more important than cost.

And it’s not even the materials they use or the quality of work they provide.

So… what IS the #1 thing to look for in a mold remediator?

Trustworthiness. Plain and simple.

Why Trust MATTERS In Mold Remediation

If the mold remediator is trustworthy, you don’t have to worry about whether they’re certified, using the best materials, or giving you the right price. An honest, trustworthy remediator is automatically going to do what’s in your best interests. That means he’s going to use the best materials, perform high-quality work, and give you a fair price.

That makes the million-dollar question this: How do you know if you can trust a mold remediation company?

It essentially boils down to three things:

First, take a look at the remediator’s reviews, case studies, and references. Are their customers saying good things about them? Do they have in-depth examples of how they handled jobs the right way? These are critical questions to ask.

If they have a past customer list you can contact, that’s a bonus. It means they’ve got nothing to hide and WANT you to speak with homeowners who have hired them.

Second, talk to independent mold testers in Washington DC. They are familiar with the work of remediators in the area and will give you an honest assessment of whom to hire.

Naturally, you’re going to run into the same conundrum with testers that you are with remediators: Who can you TRUST? It comes down to the same things, really: track record, reputation, and proof of quality. Fortunately, the stakes are lower in this instance since you’re simply ASKING the tester for their recommendation—not hiring them.

Third—and this is an important one—go with your gut. If you’re meeting with a remediator and you feel something is “off” about them, you’re probably right. That’s the great thing about instinct—it’s always watching your back.

Some ways to know if a mold remediator isn’t “shooting straight” include the following:

  • They downplay how involved mold remediation can be (“This will be a piece of cake!”)
  • They tell you they need to run air scrubbers for 48-72 hours after remediation
  • They say they rely primarily on chemicals to kill your mold
  • They quote you an exceptionally low price in comparison to remediation industry standards


If a mold remediator is guilty of any of these, it’s a red flag that their trustworthiness is questionable.

Contact A Mold Remediator That Washington DC Trusts

Valor Mold Removal is the remediation company that homeowners can TRUST.

We have dozens of references you can call. Two separate independent mold testers in the area have said—in writing—they would choose us (over every other remediator) to remove mold from their homes. And we talk to you about your mold problem 100% honestly—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Contact us today if you want your mold problem taken care of the RIGHT way.

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96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

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300+ Happy Clients

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