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We’re Fanatical About Mold Removal

How Our Love Affair With Our Craft Benefits YOU.

All nerds are fanatically passionate about ONE particular thing—whether it’s fantasy football, videogames, or classic cars. 

For us, it’s mold removal

That might sound a little funny… but it’s 100% true.

Mold removal is on our mind 24/7/365. We obsess over the latest methods, technology, and data. We work relentlessly to perfect our protocols and procedures. And we invest substantially to acquire the best equipment… no matter the price tag. 

Here is how our nerdy obsession for mold removal manifests itself at our company… and how it translates into the best possible results for YOU.

Ph.D. In Mold Removal

As unrepentant mold nerds, we have an unquenchable thirst to know everything there is to know about mold removal. 

  • Our owner, David, Myrick, attends five times as many mold seminars and courses than the average owner of a mold company.
  • We have a company-wide monthly roundtable discussion on best mold-removal practices. 
  • Our top-notch mold techs  have the highest level of education of any techs in VA, MD, and Washington DC.

For more details about our “Mensa-level” mold knowledge, visit our Certifications page.

Our mold technicians are a cut above the industry standard. They’re supremely talented. They’re PhD-level educated in mold removal. And, most importantly, they are genuinely passionate about helping you.

View the tabs on the right to discover how this translates into a top-quality project for you…

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Nerds spend thousands of dollars on their passion—and we’re no exception. We invest in the latest and greatest equipment, no matter how high the price tag. 

  • Standard mold-testing equipment costs about $900. We paid $40,000 for a state-of-the-art mold-testing machine  that provides you with instant results.
  • The typical respirator other companies wear costs $40 to $120. Our Powered Air Purifying Respirators cost $1,500… apiece! 
  • We pay our mold technicians $5 to $8 higher than the industry average. When you hire the best people [blog: Why We Have The Friendliest Mold Techs], you pay them their worth. Period.

We don’t invest this kind of cash just because we want to—we do so because we need to. It’s the only way to ensure we remove your mold right the first time.

We Stink At Sales Pressure

The truth is that we simply don’t like trying to “sell” our services. We prefer to provide you with straightforward advice, an honest recommendation, and a fair price. 

If you’re happy with what we propose, we’re happy to move forward at your go-ahead. If you want to think things over or go in a different direction, we’ll gladly step back and give you space. No aggressive compliance tricks. No bogus pricing games. No funny business. 

Bottom line: While we can guide you to the best solution, YOU are the ultimate decision maker

The Expert That The Experts Turn To

Nerd Code 101: Share your knowledge with others. 

Our knowledge of mold is renowned in the industry and throughout the Northern VA, Central VA, Southern MD, and Washington DC area. Industry professionals, local media, and publications have all reached out to us for our mold expertise. And we’re always happy to provide them with the education, information, and facts they need.

Here is a list of who has turned to us, and what we’ve done for them (Note: links will open in a new tab):


Visit our Mold Info Center for a comprehensive list of education.

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96% Success Rate

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Instant Mold Testing

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300+ Happy Clients

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