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“Making Life A Little Easier”

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Tom & Karen

Springfield, VA

About The Client

Tom and Karen lived in a townhouse in Springfield, VA. They had a small amount of visible mold in one of their bathrooms from a leaking water line connected to the toilet. So they called us.

We inspected Tom and Karen’s bathroom. There was no question about it: They needed mold remediation. We scheduled a time to come back and fix their issue.

But what seemed like a straightforward job was about to get a lot more complicated.

Bigger Things To Worry About

Five days before we were scheduled to perform the remediation, a much bigger issue than mold occurred… 

Tom and Karen’s six-year-old son needed emergency surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor. Suddenly, mold became the least of Tom and Karen’s worries. 

That said, they still wanted to move forward with the scheduled remediation. And so did we.  


The moldy bathroom was right next to their child’s bedroom. People—especially children—recovering from major surgery have weakened immune systems. This makes them particularly vulnerable to mold-related illnesses.

Bottom line: Removing the mold was non-optional to ensure the child’s safety.

Rules: Meant To Be Broken!

We had one day to complete remediation before Tom and Karen’s son would come back from the hospital. 

This would have been easy if the mold was relegated to the small spot we all initially saw. But, Murphy’s Law, the problem was MUCH bigger than anyone imagined. 

Once we started the remediation, we discovered mold everywhere. Hidden under the vanity. On all four walls. Even behind the bathtub’s ceramic tile. The overall problem far exceeded even our estimations. 

Typically, when we discover the problem is bigger than anticipated, we get confirmation from the client before doing the additional work. 

This time, we didn’t have that luxury. 

Tom and Karen were currently at the hospital with their son. They had enough to worry about. And we didn’t want to add to their stress. Plus, we had zero time to spare—the family was coming home the next day!

So Valor owner David Myrick gave the green light to our techs to perform the extra work—on our own dime.

The Clock Was Ticking…

The biggest problem area was by far the subfloor. We’d suspected it was moldy, but we had to remove the tiles to confirm it. 

Easier said than done.

When we lifted the floor tiles, we found more tile… plus one inch of solid mortar. We had to break up the tiles and mortar just to see the condition of the subfloor beneath.

Hard work when you’re wearing a respirator and a hot, stuffy mold suit. 

Once we performed the demolition, we bagged up all 1,248lbs of tile and mortar to carry it out. Twenty-four trash bags later, we were finally able to confirm what we suspected…

Mold on the subfloor. And tons of it.

Remember: Tom, Karen, and their son were coming home the next day. We had to act fast, and we had to act diligently. 

Kicking Into Overdrive

We may have had a tight deadline, but we weren’t about to cut any corners—period. So we made the commitment to do the job done right, no matter how late into the night it took.

We started work at 9am and finished a little after 8pm. In those 11 hours, we worked with ant-colony efficiency… and successfully removed all the mold. 

When Tom and Karen came home with their son, Valor owner David explained what happened and his decision to move forward. Tom and Karen felt immense relief. They appreciated us taking charge of the situation so they could focus 100% on their son. (Who recovered beautifully!) 

In the end, we provided Tom and Karen with $1,000 worth of free work. They had a lot on their plate, so we did what we could to make their lives just a little easier during this high-stress time.

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